AssisticaMD® saves payers up to 80% on servicing Small Travel Medical Insurance Claims

About 80% of all travel medical insurance claims are considered “small claims” (<$2K), with most claims in the $300 - $800 range.

For Indemnity Insurance Payers, the administrative expense of servicing “small claims” is disproportionally high, at times exceeding the actual cost of the claim.

For Providers, traditional payment cycles of 60 to 120 days, result in higher prices and tarnished payer reputation.

Insurers and TPAs get much needed innovation and automation to replace labor-intensive practices.

Providers receive much-deserved payment within 72 hours.

AssisticaMD® brings the power of SaaS and automation to small claims
Less paperwork & administrative load
More accurate
Full integration with your I.T. system, or we provide the CRM​

The new standard for speed, efficiency and cost containment for the Insurance & TPA industries

Medical Providers

Join AssisticaMD®, get paid faster, more accurately and increase your practice.

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Assistance Company / Payers Organization

Join AssisticaMD® to reduce the cost of processing your small medical claims by up to 80%.

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From request to reconciliation, seamlessly and efficiently

Request for Assistance

The assistance center selects the appropriate medical resource from AssisticaMD®´s credentialed provider network.

Delivery Networks​

Doctor @ the Hotel
Doctor Office Visit
Urgent Care Center
HIPPA & GDPR Compliant CRM & Medical Record.

Billing & Adjudication

AssisticaMD® automatically generates an invoice and issues payment of claims within 72 hours from receipt of medical record. Payment is debited from client’s pre-paid account and disbursed via secure international payments system.​

Reconciliation & Audit

AssisticaMD® provides instant reconciliation and audit for claims with all relevant records.

Medical Providers: Get paid quickly, accurately, seamlessly and efficiently
Payers: Maximum Savings. Minimum Paperwork​. Total Accountability.

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